Dead ends! 

‘Planning your life leads to success’ 

Most of us have heard of this phrase which apparently asks us to meticulously plan stuff out for ourselves, so that we in future can lead our lives the way we planned it a decade or maybe 2 decades back. 

When we were all kids, we used to plan our careers based on our favorite Cartoon maybe, or based on a toy we were obsessed with. Changing our plans with our differing interest levels. 

And then life happens, we grow up, start planning our lives meticulously leading to milestones. ‘by the end of this year, I will have achieved this goal’ ‘I’ll be a success by the end of this year’ 
But who knows if things are actually going to work out for you. What if you plan a lot of stuff for yourself, strategize everything, have a blueprint for everything. Basically have a master plan or a road map to success and suddenly one thing implodes! Boom! And there are your plans, lying there in front of you crumpled. 

What’s the next thing we are supposed to do? In front of the remains of what once were our plans? Life often leads you to crossroads, to continue with your now “crumpled” plans, uncertain of success or to give up!? And yes, some of us find it difficult to answer that question too! 

An animated movie I saw recently gave me an answer to this question. “Just go with the flow.” Stop working on things that you have no clue as to when you’ll reach a success point. Stop wasting your time dreading the future. Stop over thinking. Stop over analysing. Stop rethinking the “crumpled” plans. Just basically stop with all the nonsensical thoughts which are lowering us in life. 

Just breathe! It helps. Go have a cup of coffee with the one you love. Go on a drive. Go have beer with your friends. Order a pizza. Sit in front of the TV, watch your favorite show. Wear quirky clothes every once in a while. Read. Do anything rather than feeling miserable. Because being miserable isn’t gonna lead you anywhere. 

Taking up new things might. Take up whatever comes your way. Leave it to destiny sometimes. Just go with the flow when you reach a dead end! 

P.S. Dead ends suck. I know. But they are ends, they got to end somewhere! 


Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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