Imperfect sanity. 

Luna Lovegood, a girl who gave off an aura of distinct dottiness has been intriguing us since so many years now. 

The positive and quirky soul has given us a lot of life lessons on various aspects. But when it comes to dealing with our insecurities, I personally look up to her. J.K Rowling gave life to the character and made us restore our faith in the imperfections and how they are the ones that make us quite perfect. How these imperfections define us, and make us mesmerizing and unique in our own different ways! 

First of all, to be very honest, there is no such thing as imperfections! It’s all a scandal based upon certain people’s view of the society. A false perception of some sort! Unless you are mentally unstable and go around killing people like some psychopath, you’re not imperfect. Rather the definition of perfection is a subjective thing. What’s up with the cynicism attached to perfection and imperfections anyway!?

Anyway, Luna Lovegood a soul so pure, taught us not only to be weird in our amazing ways but also taught us to be brave.

  •  Luna has been brave since I’ve known her. She was among the first ones to sign up for “The Dumberlore’s army” She gave her all in and never stopped! 
  • She owned up what she wore. She had a quirky, fun and a colourful dressing sense and did not give a damn as to what people thought of her. She lacked the regard to thi k of what people.might think about the way she dressed, whether it’s about her lion costume or about her quirky glasses, she always stood out. 
  • Luna had a unique way of looking at things. She looked at people as if they were  mildly interesting television shows. Laughed out so hard she had hold herself together when Ron mimicked Malfoy, or maybe just believe in things her mother said – “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect” 
  • People called her Loony Lovegood, she never let it bother her or phase her out. Instead she was a free spirit, wasn’t chained to such “worldly things” For her being different was a good thing.
  • She always stood up for her friends. Always!  She always was, has and will be loyal for the people around her. No matter what our circle is, big or small, being loyal in difficult situations is the bravest thing we can do.
  • What was so great about Luna was that for her, appearances are not everything. Everything great about her was hidden under her “surface” and her big glasses! She believed that people are so much more than just appearances. 

The happy, pure soul, who has been through a lot gives us life lessons we can develop in ourselves to lead our lives better! Everyone knows what she has been through and yet she is some of the bravest people I have known! 

P.S. We are all as sane as Luna is! 


Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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