The unmonotonous rains.

And then you wake up suddenly from your slumber with a loud cracking thunderstorms. The green plants out in your patio swinging with joy, as if they are saying they’ve never been this happy! 

Believe me, nothing looks better than those happy green plants in such a weather. Nothing smells as good as the ground on which fresh rain drops are falling, or as some people want to name it in a fancy way “Petrichor”

Life is pretty monotonous, yes! You wake up, get ready, have breakfast, go and work and then come back, back into your PJs and then sleep. And repeat. Every single day. But certain things like these, the happy plants, the freshness in the air, the orange hue that sky holds sometimes during evenings, the star lit sky, or maybe even clouds making weird shapes, these are certain things that go unappreciated. We don’t pay heed to them, as if they are monotonous and not us! 

Yes, working is important but missing out on small things that can bring a smile to your face are as important. We can not always be cynical with rains, saying that they create a mess out there is just totally insulting the beauty that the rains bring with them. Imagine how important the rains are not only to our weather conditions but also to the farmers or the animals or I don’t know, what not! Trust me when I say this, there is nothing monotonous in rains. Go out stand in your balconies for a minute, let the rain drops fall onto you. And close your eyes and just take it all in. The beauty, the essence, the mesmerizing effect they have on you. It is totally worth it. And if that’s not enough, go for a drive in rains, pass by the less worthy areas of your society, look at the kids playing in the rain, splashing through puddles, people enjoying tea at a roadside tea seller. Just go and live your life. Go and enjoy your life. And not just breathe and go around your daily chores like a robot. 

These are somethings your salary won’t offer you. It’s the nature giving it you, free of cost! Avail the benefits. Thank the nature. Love the nature. Just live!


Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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