Are we really free? 

Today is the eve of Independence. The RWA of my area has organised a patriotic program for all the women and children. With all the awe and pomp the show is right now going on playing all the patriotic songs. Everyone is in that patriotic mood, singing all the yestyears’ Manoj Kumar songs. But I question, whether really those Manoj Kumar feelings persist among us today? Do we really appreciate the efforts put in by all the people to bring us to the day so that I can write this? Can we really come to the point of even imagining the struggles people went through to get us to this day that these people can sing all the patriotic songs together? 

Are we really independent? I ask this! Are we really free in a society which still degrades certain humans based on the gender they belong to? Categorize them on the basis of their gender ? Or are we really free when we degrade and humiliate and sometimes even kill certain people because they belong to a certain religion or a caste group? For is it really their fault that they belong to that caste group? When we pass lewd remarks are women cladding burqas? Really, are we free? Or maybe when we kill people because they eat different food as compared to us, like meat! Really? Seriously though, are we free? Are we really free from all the categorization this world has to offer to us? Are we really free from all the gender roles we are supposed to follow? 

Even after 70 years, the country is confined in its own chains of patriarchy, religion and politics. Yes we are free! Free from the British colonial rule. But do we really feel free to do whatever we want to even in the second decade of the 21st century? Question yourself, look around yourself how chained and caged you are. Open those chains, open those cages. let it all fly out, all the hate, all the intolerance, all the insecurity. Free yourself, lighten yourself, enlighten yourself. The day you question, the day you enlighten, that’s the day you are really free. The day the sorrows turn into smile, that’s the day we all are really free. The day we all break free from all the chains, that’s the day we are really free. Because all the patriots did not give up on themselves and their families so that we could live like this with all the hate, revenge, lovelessness, and lack of sensitivity and humanity. They gave up on themselves and their families so that we could be free, in all aspects. Literally!  



Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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