Look at the rings the smoke makes, encircling our fingers is the ash that lets us blow our worries away. It’s a paradise for those who seek it, and a death wish for those who don’t seek it. Sharing the warmth, and whispers beneath the shadow, we once made a promise to never part our ways. But then realty struck like a lightening bolt. All of the smoke faded away and the cruel lives came haunting upon us.

How wonderful it is to stay lost in that abyss, and to never come out of it, we said after we met again. But this time our sanity was covered in normality. We were inept, once again. Looking at each other and unable to comprehend the depths of our souls. For our souls were trapped into the same abyss we once dug them. Their black couldn’t come out, unless provoked with the flames of madness.


Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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