Fresh air came gushing into my life when we started talking. Feeling light and breezy like air was a new agenda for me now. Just 1 week prior to this we were strangers, who didn’t even realise that somebody just like them even existed, and now we melted into each other’s arms like ice melts in hot water. For who knew our souls probably came from the same stardust!

Not only was his presence making me feel alive and lighter but also made me realise that yes people can fall in love like this. This wasn’t just love, it was madness concealed in love. He was becoming my muse, my hope, my future. 
In his eyes I could see home! ( his eyes, as clear as his soul,  deep as his thoughts and as pure as his heart). Oh! How I love them!
He touched parts of me like chords that were untouched, playing the most melodious sounds. 
He kissed me on my body parts where not even sunlight was allowed to enter. 
He looked at me in a way like nobody ever did, as if I was the only person alive for him and made him feel alive. 
His smile reflected the purity of his soul. His laughter is now a reason I crack silly jokes. 
Making him happy is now another agenda for me now a days. 
Before today I never thought I could fall in love with somebody’s soul with such madness. (Again!)
For without him I could have never explored this part of myself. Had we still been strangers would have been awfully bad. 
All the stares, random looks, smiles, touch, feeling each other’s soul, fill my soul with love and gratitude. For what I would have been without the person I was destined to meet eventually! For who knows when were our souls created? Probably together. 
His embrace, his arms, that’s where I want to live, I want to breathe. That’s home for me. To curl up against him, with his breath on my naked skin, that’s home. 
To sleep on his arm while holding on tight to him, that’s home. 
To cook with him, that’s home ! 
To just sit there embracing silence , that’s home. To wrap my ice cold body against hot water, melting into him, that’s home!


Author: saumyakhanduja

I am all shades of being human.

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