M Audio Midi keyboard

Any great musical performance by any band is incomplete without a keyboard player who amazingly tunes his keyboard to music whether his partner plays a classical guitar or an electrical one. In fact, a Keyboard is the essence of a band. It is the soul which ties together the “body” of a band performance. The M Audio Midi Keyboards are known just for that!

M Audio Midi Keyboards are used widely all over the world. The Keyboards enables a performer to play many notes at once as well as in close succession. They provide a positive influences on the music of other instruments as well. Moreover, they also affect the compositions of songs.

It does not matter if you are a professional keyboard player or not, the midi keyboards are the ones to go to! They are simple and easy to play and also, they come under an affordable price range.

Under the fingers of a musician, a keyboard may be used to control dynamics, phrasing, shading, articulation, and other factors of expression depending on the design and capabilities of the keyboard.

Much efforts of the developers have gone into the creation of keyboards like M Audio Midi Keyboard. Owing to their efforts, these revolutionary keyboards are known to provide comfort to the player in terms of tuning the melodies accurately.

Ideal for a multitude of music creation and education applications, the M Audio Midi Keyboards are powered by USB. It’s Programming Options include Octave Shift, Transpose, Program Change, Bank LSB, Bank MSB, MIDI Channel MIDI out for USB. The M Audio Midi Keyboard has a 61 note full-size pace sensitive, semi-weight keyboard. USB to MIDI OUT interface. DC power input for a stand-alone use (adaptor is not included) A function button provided for programming. And assignable data up/down buttons.

The M Audio Midi Keyboards are designed in a way that their functionality is pretty simple. They are easy for people to understand and they can play the keyboard to create their own masterpieces.

The M Audio Midi keyboards have a great review by the customers who are very satisfied with their purchase of the keyboard. Most have complimented the keyboard by saying “it is a great keyboard, very easy to set up”, “unbeatable for its price” or “a great keyboard for the beginners”  

The M Audio Midi keyboards are used everywhere and are often recommended to the beginners for music production. They are great companions for people who believe in creating music on the go! They are considered a great help to them.
There are many different types of M Audio Midi Keyboards available like :

  • Hammer 88
  • Code 61
  • Code 25
  • Code 49
  • Ctrl 49
  • Oxygen 25 MK IV
  • Oxygen 49 MK IV
  • Oxygen 61 MK IV


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