Simple ways to detox your bedroom

Our bedrooms are our happy place, our safe havens! Investing time and energy to detox your bedroom is always a great idea! here is how!


Almost one-third of our lives are spent in our safe haven, our bedrooms. Today, we all work hard and look to retreat in our bedrooms, for some respite from the outside world and harsh realities. It is in our bedrooms that we revitalise not just our body, but our mind and peace as well. It is more of a mental sanctuary for us all.

The many benefits our bedroom provides to us, physically, mentally and spiritually, it is very important to take care of it. This safe zone, the safe haven needs a regular cleansing and detoxification from time to time. Why do you need to detox your bedroom, you ask?  Well, for multiple reasons. However, the most crucial reason out of all is to protect our mind, body and spirit from the toxicity of the outside world. The harmful toxins released in our environment, owing to technological advancements, from our beds, from wall pains, from the furniture, and the pollutants from the outside world, are all enemies for us, for our mental and physical well-being.

In order to protect yourselves from these harmful toxins, it is important to detox your bedroom. Your immune system is going to benefit the most when you detox your bedroom. Apart from this, other benefits include increasing your physical performance in day to day life, keeping up with cognitive abilities, being healthy and fit, and many more.

Researchers and environmentalists recommend to detox your bedroom. It is important to free your personal space of all kinds of allergens and other negative pollutants. These pollutants, if not dealt with will invade your personal space and cause you troubles in connection to your sleep. Worse? They are very capable of attacking your nervous system!

Our home represent us, define us. If we invest so much of our energy and time and even money to invest in our upkeep, why cannot we undertake the same efforts for our home, especially our bedroom?

Here are some very easy yet significant ways through which you can detox your bedroom:

  1. Invest in fresh air

For a healthy mind, body and spirit, it is very important that you keep the air in your bedroom clean and fresh. You wake up in the polluted air, you doze off in the polluted air. You seek solitude in the same. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep it clean and fresh.

You could start by investing in an air purifier. An efficient air purifier must have HEPA filters, capable of removing dust mites and other allergens. They can also filter out the smoke particles and other harmful substances in the air. Apart from this, you can also bring in some plants in your safe haven. Plants are efficient in removing the toxicity of the environment of your bedrooms, and also provide you with aesthetic benefits. They are the most affordable way of cleaning your bedroom atmosphere.

2. Let the sunshine in!

It is significant to let the sun rays in your room. Why? well, for starters they kill all the harmful bacteria and other pollutants in your room. The air from outside, every once in a while will help purify your space and keep it healthy. In fact, the heat from the sun, reaching your room is going to help you get rid of the risk of fungal infections and growth.

3. Try and control the use of technology in your bedroom.

Adding cellular devices and other forms of technology to your sacred space is capable of disrupting your sleep pattern. Many studies even suggest  that the radiations coming out of these devices can cause loss of sleep. People who expose themselves more to these radiations and devices are more likely to take longer to finally fall asleep. This results in lack of a deep night sleep, which can cause damage to your mental health. Therefore, it is important that you exclude cellular and other devices from your bedroom, to maintain your sanity.

4. Invest in bedroom slippers.

Studies conducted in the field of environmental science have concluded that shows tend to bring in toxics into our bedrooms. In fact, shoes are very capable of bringing in pesticides and other harmful toxins into our homes. Wearing these shoes in our bedrooms can expose us to not just dust and other toxins, but so many diseases and infections. You need to adopt a no-shoes in the bedroom rule ASAP!! If you can just not live without shoes or flip flops, invest in a simple pair of bedroom slippers. Ensure these slippers stay right in your bedroom. This is a sure shot way to detox your bedroom! 

5. Wash your linens with a natural detergent regularly

Why would you want to lie down in a dirty bed, full of dust? The is the key question for this point. Why would you want to do that to your health? To protect yourself, wash your bedsheets and your pillow covers on a weekly basis. Change then often. The bedding that is in direct contact with your skin should always be clean. Probably invest some time and make a weekly schedule for the same.

However, merely washing your bedding regularly is not enough. You should wash your linens with a natural detergent, since your body is in direct contact with them at all times. You can add a few drops of an essential oil with the solution while washing them. Wash them in hot water.

The pillow should also be washed each year. You’d be surprised to know your pillow is home to dead skin, dust and dust mites, and other toxic allergens. Wash them twice every year!

6. Get rid of negativity.

What many of you often forget while you detox your bedroom is that simply by cleaning the clutter and washing a couple of things is not going to do the deed for you. You need to detox your bedroom through other natural ways as well. Simple steps can be taken to rid negativity from your safe haven.

Try and not have arguments with your loved ones in your bedroom. Keep everything monetary out of the door! The room is meant for rest, sleep, and love, and nothing else. Disintegrate yourself from all kinds of negative ties you have held on to the whole day.

Keep calm and meditate. While you do it, burning some incense sticks and aroma oils helps rid the negative energies.

7. Fix your nightstand

Try and make sure that you are redoing your nightstand everyday. If not everyday, then at least once every two days. The clutter takes no time to accumulate over your nightstand, which is often a distraction for your sleep. A tidy room is always calm and serene, in comparison to a room which is always cluttered.

Your line of sight in your bedroom thus should be tidy at all times. Any clutter, dust, excessive papers and books, etc. close to your bed is detrimental to your good night sleep.

8. A room full of candles

For a healthy and deep slumber, it is important that you not only keep your room tidy, but also fresh. Normal candles might be a great addition to your bedroom and your nightstand, but they are mostly made out of low quality wax, petroleum by-products and sometimes even paraffin. These candles are capable of contributing the most to indoor pollution and toxicity. Thus, these must never enter your bedroom.

Since candles are essential to your bedroom space, you must invest in beeswax candles, or candles made out of soy. Keep an eye out for candles made out of beeswax and soy, 100per cent. These candles are not going to flood your bedroom with pollutants and other toxics. They will guard you from breathing in toxics, protect you from harmful chemicals that come out of burning regular candles, and keep your bedroom healthy. This is an important step to look forward to when you are thinking to detox your bedroom.

Seeking out natural ways to detox your bedroom is more important than artificial means. yes, cleaning and tidying your room helps. But doing it the natural ways and ridding your room of the toxics is a healthier and peaceful way to do the same. Happy living to you!

Expeditions in the dating world. 

Typical 21st century modern day, average people working their asses off to make a living for themselves. Devoid of feelings, We work hard, build up an empire only to stay there alone with our saddened lives pouring ourselves drinks to fill the voids. It makes me wonder where is all the love? Where is all the affection that has created multiple generations? That has created certain architectural monuments. The love which is the basis of some people’s entertainment as books and movies? Is love only in movies and books?

 I’ve grown up looking at people who fight, who scream, who cannot stand each other, but when it comes to it fight for each other. The people who can blanket you, take care of all your insecurities. Where is the love gone? In all of these situations, I have grown up craving love, typical love. In that search I wander from people to people to give me that “perfect” love, but was I looking in all the wrong place? Probably. probably not! Certain times I was sure of finding the perfect love, but does the love want me? I don’t think so.  

Today’s love can be defined in three adjectives- insecure, confused and unpredictable. If you are one of those who are in here to find love with their rose-tinted glasses, you, my friend, are in the wrong place. Or maybe that’s just me, everyone else around me seems to have figured out the world. Probably I am the slow one. Why is it so easy to sleep after jerking off rather than creating perfect relationships? Why is it difficult to actually make a connection with people with whom you  can actually sleep? Why is so difficult to talk about things that you hardly speak about? Isn’t sharing your innermost feelings with someone a positive thing? Why is it so difficult to be yourself in front of people? Why do we have to pretend? Why can’t we stick with the one we have found under rare circumstances? Why do we run away from them? Why and how can we go from “I love you’s” to “I think we need a break”? Is love dead? Probably.

 Are we really kidding ourselves, when we are look around for potential people to love, to spend our lives with, but when we actually find them, we can’t come to accept their flaws, to give them what they desire, to just love them beyond any explanations? Rarely it happens that we find people, fall in love with them and get married to them, as was the case with a cousin of mine. Lucky she is. Rest of us? We are stuck in the perpetual cycle of going back and forth from people to people. Why do we keep doing this? Why are we stuck in this vicious cycle of the dating world where people cannot come to terms with their own feelings? Are we broken because of past relationships? Perhaps, but how broken are we that we can’t give love another chance? Why do we dread coming close to people, why do we take a step back when we tend to develop feelings? Why isn’t it possible to make sure that it works this time with the people who are genuinely interested in you? Isn’t life too short to be this confused? Are we too cool to fall in love like our older generations?

 Who are we fooling when we say love is stupid? I don’t think it is. Love is not stupid, you are. Feelings do not mess up things, you do. Being emotional in this cruel world is actually a brave thing, to be very honest. The world where people have forgotten how to love and care and have taken a shelter under the faces of anger and violence, to have not lost your original self is by far the bravest thing. I have come to terms that love isn’t made for the “tinder” generation. People instead of investing their time and energy into one person want to invest only a “night” in the one. How many potential lovers have we lost after sleeping with them, I wonder! 

But in the end, all we can do is sit in the empire, alone, after all of our friends we enjoy our pseudo happy lives with are gone away into their empires, again Alone! Nobody to ask how was our day, nobody to give you a stupid medicine when you feel sick, nobody to watch those late night movies with and nobody to cuddle you to sleep with. This is how we want our lives to be? Working hard to earn a lavish lifestyle only to live and sleep alone in that. Most people say it is peaceful, solidarity they talk about. The most peaceful thing I can do it sleep in the arms of the one I love, everyday, for the rest of my life. Even though the world is a cruel place to live in, I know one day I will be back to ‘my home’. I have faith in all the powers of the universe ( Yes I am that stupid to still believe there are some powers) . Probably someday, he might come out of his confusion and stay. Actually stay, so I do not have to go on any other expedition.