Surprising health benefits of parsley

Let me tell you about an amazing herb called parsley! 

Parsley (cilantro) is often known for its delicious and vibrant taste and its wonderful healthy properties. Although many times these are ignored. Parsley is an amazing herb. It gets its name from a Greek word “rock celery”. Parsley leaves have a high amount of vitamin K in them. Parsley is a storehouse of nutrients.  Parsley is also a great source for vitamin C, calcium, iron and fibre. Parsley leaves are also an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin A, folate and iron.

However, no matter how many benefits parsley can provide to your body, you must always remember to wash your parsley before using them to make your dish delicious. You need to also make sure that you shave those stems off before chopping or blending it to garner health benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Even though parsley has many health benefits which you will know about below an excess consumption of anything is bad. So is excess consumption of parsley it can cause the skin to become more sensitive to the sun or it can cause a rash.

Parsley in your home!

If you have adequate resources and space, you can also grow parsley by yourself since indoor parsley care is easy. You have to keep the soil lightly moist however for the results to be visible. Moreover, you would also want to empty the saucer under the pot after every watering in order to ensure that the roots do not sit in water. You should always make sure to feed the plants at least once every two weeks with fish emulsion or half-strength liquid fertiliser.

Health benefits that Parsley provides us are immense! 

Full of nutrition

A small amount of parsley leaves on your food will give you more than just a decorated plate. Parsley consists of two components first being volatile oil (limonene, eugenol, myristicin, etc.) and second type is flavonoids (luteolin, apigenin , apiin, etc.)

Care for juice?

Parsley juice is often recommended to people with kidney problems. Parsley juice is a potent and concentrated version of all nutrients in the herb. This juice includes volatile oils, chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Parsley juice is often recommended to people for kidney and liver cleansing and detoxification.

Parsley benefits for Kidney 

Parsley can be used with water because it contains beta-carotene, chlorophyll, and vitamin C. They are all  ideal for fighting infections, tumours, and of course strengthening the body’s immune system. Parsley is a great diuretic, meaning it helps the body eliminate fluids as well as the toxins naturally. It reduces high blood pressure, also improves kidney health. This is also why parsley is often used for cleansing kidneys and livers. Thus, Parsley Benefits for Kidneys are innumerable.

Parsley gives you a holistic growth!

If one is to recommend a person either a vegetable juice or a parsley juice, parsley juice is the right choice. It contains all types of minerals and is rich in vitamins that are essential for holistic growth and development of the human body.

Parsley smoothie for everyone! 

If wanted you can also make a Parsley smoothie, which is a much easier way of consuming. It still comes with all the health benefits in an easily digestible form.

Your chance to have healthier hair with Parsley Leaves! 

Parsley leaves is also often used as way to develop better, healthier and shinier hair. It has been used as a tonic since ancient times as a tonic to be applied to the hair and the scalp in order to make sure they grow healthier and shinier.

Parsley is a great infusion to the diet of an athlete.

PS – Parsley juice should be avoided in a large consumption by the pregnant women or women who are consuming blood thinning medications. Consumption of them in normal quantities might still be safe for them but extra consumption may have uteronic reaction or effect on them.

How to use ?

Use it the Middle Eastern way! 

Parsley leaves are most commonly used herb for foods in Middle Eastern countries. It is generally used a spice in the food items. Since parsley has a light scent and fresh taste to it, it is often used in dishes and as an addition to soups and sauces.

Use it for your weight loss regime!

Parsley (cilantro) is recommended for a holistic growth and development of the body since it is rich in its nutritional value. Moreover, it is low in calories and high in fibre. thus, make Parsley for weightloss and excellent choice. Yes you read that right! It is a wonderful addition to your weight-loss regime. Parsley helps lose  those extra kilos of your so-called holiday weight.

Serve your roughage intake through Parsley (cilantro)

A single serving of chopped parsley leaves has 5 per cent to 8 per cent of the daily recommended dietary fibre. thus, it is capable of providing numerous benefits, including helping you to feel fuller with less amount of food on your plate! This helps reduce the chances of overeating.

Low on mints? Parsley leaves are here for you! 

Raw parsley also acts as a breath freshener and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Incorporating Parsley to your dinner tables

Marinate your steak with Parsley!

Parsley can be used as a marination ingredient to marinate steak. Other ingredient for  the same could be chives, tarragon, lemon zest and a bit of olive oil. This is not just your dinner, but a wholesome happy meal to simultaneously provide you the benefits of Parsley in plenty.

Refine your frittata

You can give your frittata a nice finish with parsley before popping it into an oven.

Healthy Parsley salads!!

Lentil, Bean and Parsley Salad is delicious dish that will keep your stomach full(thanks to the lentils), and it won’t weigh you down.

Infuse some mint to your Parsley leaves

The smoky, earthy flavours in Spanish Spice Rubbed Chicken Breasts with the bright, fresh Parsley-Mint Sauce.

Store it for future use as a herb

You can dry your fresh parsley by tying a bunch of them together and hanging it upside down in a cool and dry place. When the parsley is completely dry, you can remove the stems and store the dried leaves in an airtight container. You can also dry out the parsley in a slightly warm (100 degrees F) oven or in a dehydrator.

Parsley and seafood? Winning!

Summer seafood of all kinds begs to be paired with Remoulade. If you want to get really crazy, think about dipping those crab cakes in it and enjoy the delicious food in front of you.

Parsley adds wholesome nutrition to your food! 

You can use parsley to lose the extra fat by Adding 1/2 to 1 cup of parsley to every serving of salad that you eat, including starch-heavy ones such as rice, pasta or potato salads, to immediately boost the salads’ nutrient components.

Italianise your Parsley!

Parsley (cilantro) is the main ingredient for an Italian salsa verde, which consists of garlic, parsley, anchovies, capers and at times bread soaked in the vinegar.

Fresh parsley leaves sauce with fish

In England, parsley sauce is a roux-based sauce which is generally served with fish.

Added benefit for dog lovers! 

Other than treating yourself with a delicious home cooked meal with parsley, parsley can also be given to dogs to eat. It has been often used as breath freshener for dogs. If you are person who does not own a dog but a cat worry not! It also safe for cats to eat parsley but in moderation of course!

How to store parsley?

Air tight your parsley stock! 

Whether you have dry or fresh parsley it does not matter. The taste and health nutrients of the parsley if not affected by this factor. If you have a dry parsley you can store it by grouping a bunch of it together and keeping it an air tight container stored in a refrigerator. You can also store it by freezing it in the fridge.

You can even store it in your fridge, here’s how! 

Another way of storing the parsley is that by snipping off the stem of the parsley first, make sure you completely dry the rest of the parsley.  Now fill a jar or a container with water but only partially and put the stems into the jar or container that you have used. Now you can store these herbs in your fridge. Just do not forget to change the water regularly.

Damp up the game to extend your Parsley’s life

Although Fresh parsley will last up to two weeks in the fridge but it also depends on how the humidity is in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. And Keep parsley wrapped in a damp towel to extend its life.

When life gives you lemons, add them to your Parsley juice!

If you are looking to store parsley juice, then always remember to add a few drops of lemon to the container . This will lessen the effects of degradation of parsley juice.

Parsley is an excellent addition to your daily food. No matter what you are consuming. Parsley for weightloss is the number one cause of high intake of Parsley (cilantro). Another reason to consume fresh and green parsley leaves because of many parsley benefits for kidney. It is often seen to be the number one choice in terms of herbs for millions of households! 


10 Best Home Remedies for Tonsillitis (Throat Inflammation)

A soar throat situation can leave people with problems in various social situations. In various social engagements when you have to keep yourself up to day with everything, having a sore throat is only going to make matters worse for you. If it is causing you trauma and troubles even when you are trying to drink water, you could very well have been contracted with a tonsillitis infection. This is frustrating and maddening.

Tonsillitis is a situation in which the throat of a person is inflamed. Two oval like tissue pads in the back of our throat can cause this trouble. These soft tissue pads are located in your lymphatic system which is a human body’s first line of defence against all kinds of alien bodies and infections. The tonsils are responsible for the production of blood cells which can prevent bacteria and virus from entering your body through your mouth.

Most people think that making a trip to a physician would make the throat inflammation go away. However, not many know about the troubles and anxiety the tonsils treatment process can cause. In most cases, the problems of tonsils came back to bite them again in future. Therefore, you need to look for alternatives. You need to look for ways on how to cure tonsils permanently.

Here are some symptoms of the problems of tonsils-

    • Sore throat
    • Difficulty in swallowing, often accompanied with pain.
    • Chills
    • Earaches
    • Bad breath
    • Pain

Here are some natural home remedies on how to cure tonsils permanently. These tonsil treatments are going to come handy for you and your loved ones!

  1. Honey and Garlic.

Honey and garlic together are probably a tailor made gift for your throat straight from the Gods. Garlic is naturally antiseptic with immense levels of curing powers, while honey can provide soothing effects to your tonsils. They are both antimicrobial as well as antibacterials. They fight against the infections and viruses that are known to cause the problem in the first place. They will effectively tackle the issue of tonsils by healing your throat inflammation. If you are in search of the best tonsil treatments, this should always be on the top of your list.

Simply take two to three cloves of garlic. Peel the garlic, wash and then crush it to make a paste. Add about two teaspoons of honey to this paste of garlic. Mix the newly made mixture of honey and garlic to a glass of warm water and swish it around your throat for a while before you swallow it completely. Do this for about a week and notice the difference.

2. Honey and turmeric

Can we thank honey enough? Ever? I don’t think we ever can! Since we already know, honey has curing properties which are going to control the micro-organism growth in the throat and health it. This time, honey is teamed with turmeric. Just like garlic, as mentioned above, turmeric has natural antiseptic agents which can cure throat inflammation because of tonsils. It is also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Together they are going to give you a power packed solution to throat inflammation.

Mix about 4 teaspoons of honey with three to four teaspoons of turmeric powder. A teaspoon of this mixture should be swished around your throat for a while, before swallowing it compeltely. This process should be repeated about two to three time, everyday for one week.

3. Gargle!

Your new best friend should be a salt-water gargle. You will require a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon full of salt. Mix them together to form a salt water solution and gargle with it multiple times, every single day.

Gargling with the help of warm salt water will help your throat get rid of the phlegm which is stuck between the gaps of your mouth and the tonsil tissues. This solution is the best gargle for tonsils! The phlegm that contains the alien agents causing the trouble of tonsils can be treated with the help of the antiseptic properties of salt. The warm water mixed with salt is the best gargle for tonsils because it will attack the mucus which has formed, making things like creating easy for you again.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

A tablespoon full of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of warm water and honey will do the deed for you as well! Simply mix them together and gargle the solution multiple times a day to see the difference. This is another best gargle for tonsils!

Doing this at least 2 times everyday for week will kill all the bacteria and viruses which have led to the tonsils infection. This is again an anti-inflammatory solution.

5. Baking Soda

If you are looking for another gargle solution for curing throat inflammation then a baking soda

solution is the answer for you. Gargling with baking soda, together with warm water and salt

mixture is going to help relive your sore throat as well. This solution can also kill the bacteria and

also simultaneously prevent the spread of yeast and fungal infections. 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

added to the above mentioned salt water gargle solution is recommended. Doing this at least three

times every day will give you the desired results.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint is a great cure to all your throat inflammation problems. While freshening up your

breath, peppermint will also relieve your sore throat. The menthol contained in natural peppermint

will thin the mucus down and calm your throat inflammation. This will also help you provide a

solution to cough. Peppermint is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial as well as encourages faster

healing process.

7. Fenugreek

Fenugreek has been known to provide multiple health benefits to almost everyone in different ways.

Eating fenugreek seeds, drinking fenugreek tea and using its natural oils can be a great natural home

remedy for your throat inflammation. There is a plethora of healing powers of fenugreek. It can not

only relieve all the pain but also kill the bacteria and ease up the irritation in your throat. It has anti-

fungal properties which ensure there is no spread of infection any further.

8. Coconut oil

Who knew coconut oil could be on this list? But the number of benefits coconut oil is known to

provide is uncountable. Coconut oil can heal your throat with its healing properties. It can help

detach the pathogens from tonsils and soother your sore throat. It can provide instant relief which

helps it easier for you to perform your daily lifestyle activities like speaking, eating and drinking

without having to worry about the soreness and the pain. The coconut oil will provide you with

soothing properties like nothing else since it is naturally moisturising.

9. Ginger, lemon and honey

This is another great home remedy for tonsils. Most people all over the globe still do this to treat their loved ones and relieve them of the pain causing tonsil infections. Together, they are the best way to treat tonsils. Take some ginger and mix it in a glass of warm water. Let it steep for a while, and then mix some honey in the new solution. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and consume the tea about 3 times every day to soother your throat inflammation and tonsils!

10. Chamomile tea

Speaking of tea! How can we talk about throat inflammations and not speak of Chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea can provide you with wholesome goodness because of its anti-oxidant properties. It is a great way to flush out all the toxins from your body. This will cure the throat inflammation and the problems of tonsils in a matter of days effectively. It is one of the best home remedies here on this list.

Simply take a couple spoons of dried chamomile flowers and let them steep in a glass of boiled water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, strain the solution and add a teaspoon full of honey. Drink this for a week, daily and see the difference.

Tonsils can be a major problem for many people, which can be very difficult to tackle as well! How long does tonsillitis last is unknown to most. However, this problem can be cured easily if one knows how to cure tonsils permanently at home! One need only seek home remedies to cure this throat inflammation

How To Increase Height? – Remedies & Herbs for Grow Taller!


For people who are decently long, there are seldom any worries. However, for people who are not tall enough, life can be a struggle sometimes. People with shorter heights and even average heights tend to suffer a lot today in the judgmental era of the 21st century.

Increase of height for people with short heights can help them improve their confidence and self-esteem. A tall height can help them improve their social standing and position. It can help them improve how they feel about themselves and change the notion about themselves as well. This is important for men in most cases. Men tend to be concerned about their height more than females. Short-heighted men might have confidence issues and would be conscious almost all the time.

Genetics determine the height of a person. However, it is not necessary that genetics are the only factor behind a person’s height. The HCG hormone also plays a key role in this area. HCG also known as Human Growth Hormone, regulates the height of a person. The hormone is released by the pituitary gland of our brain. The hormone is essential for the growth and development of our body, our bones and even our cartilage.

Other factors involved in the process can be linked to your mother’s gestation period and even your childhood. Factors like low birth weight, ill health all through your childhood, smoking during pregnancy, etc. are some of the external factors that can cause problems when it comes to increase in height of a person.

Here are some ways by which you can increase height before 18 years of age and also increase height after 21 years of age. These methods are natural and easy!

  1. Milk!

Remember how your mother used to scream at your for not finishing the milk every day? Well, here are the consequences. Parents know somehow! well, coming to the point. Milk is extremely rich in important nutrients and minerals for our overall growth, especially growth in terms of height. Moreover, it has a a bone friendly calcium! Calcium helps boos the height of a person in a considerable way. Apart from calcium, milk also has vitamin A and essential proteins. All these together aid in an overall bodily development.

Two glasses of milk, or better three should be consumed everyday in order to see results to increase height before 18. In addition to milk, cottage cheese and yogurt can help you achieve similar results fast!

2.  Ashwagandha

According to ancient Indian Ayurveda, Ashwagandha plays a key role in increasing the natural height of a person. Ashwagandha, also called Indian Ginseng helps in the deed. The minerals and nutrients contained in it help broaden the length and density of your bones and your skeletal system. This helps in increasing your height. Ashwagandha can be found in various organic and herbal stores around you.

Simply mix two tablespoons of ashwagandha in a glass of warm milk and consume it. You can add sugar/honey/jaggery depending on your taste and preference. You must drink it every night before going to bed. This practice should be undertaken for at least 45 days to see visible results. However, while undergoing this procedure, you must abstain from fast food completely.

This method is simple and can be used by people to increase height before 18 and also to increase height after 21. It is beneficial for both!

3. Incorporate Yoga in your daily life

All those Yoga class you have been ignoring off late, try and opt for them! Yoga is the best way to increase your height in a natural way. By Yoga, you can help facilitate the release of growth inducing hormones in a human body. This will also help in the reduction of stress and anxiety from all of your body parts. This will help pave way to only growth! Various yoga postures and exercises are known to increase your height the natural Vedic way! Some of which are surya namaskar, the Triangle pose, the revolved triangle pose and also the adhomukha shavaasana.

4. Hit the gym!

If you are unable to find a decent yoga class for yourself and increase your height by yoga, then simply hit the gym. By Exercise also, you can help in the stimulation of the growth hormones in your body. A good exercise routine in the gym can help you increase your height while still keeping you fit and fine. You could start by jumping and skipping. Skip a rope for half and hour every single day. Other than this, hand your body off a horizontal bar and let your spine stretch. Stretching your body like this for approximately 10-15 seconds at regular intervals is going to do the deed for you. By exercise, you can easily achieve the target of increasing your height ASAP.

5. Stretching is important

Speaking of gymming and stretching, if you are unable to find a suitable gym for yourself to incorporate exercising to your daily life, simply do it on your home. Stretching and exercising is great for all ages and genders. It can be done at the comfort of your home as well.

Stretch your body in a cobra pose, bow down pose, or simply twist your legs to stretch. These can be easily done in your home. They will not only work on improving your height, but also will help enhance your posture.

6. Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy)

Giloy is a herb native to ancient lands of India. This is a remarkable way when you are looking to increase your height. Giloy is originally a stem from a shrub. It is primarily used in various Ayurvedic medicines today. Apart from the benefits Giloy can provide you in connection with increasing your height, it is also useful in fixing issues like syphillis, gonorrhoea, fever, cancer, cholesterol, hay fever, hepatitis, etc.

Simply purchase the powdered form of Giloy from an Ayurvedic stope and use a teaspoon of it to swallow it. You can either swallow it directly or you can mix it in warm water and consume.

It will effectively work on your body’s tissues and strengthen them for a holistic growth and development. This will promote an increase of height.

7. Proper sleep and proper rest

When you sleep soundly, your body tends to fix itself during the night. Yes it sounds like a fairytale but it is true. During your deep slumber, your body tends to release hormones for its growth, development and repair. The brains as well as the body is relaxed and thus the deed! On the contrary, a tired brain cannot function properly. To help increase your height more, try and sleep at least for eight hours every night.

8. A balanced diet

This is a point our science textbooks have been stressing on us since an eternity! Proper nutrition is a must for your body. Lack of proper nutrition is the number one cause of some people not being able to achieve the height of their dreams.

It has been found that lack of proper nutrients is one of the leading causes behind people failing to reach their maximum height. To get proper nutrition, follow a balanced diet. Essential nutrients like zinc, manganese, vitamin C, protein, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus provide the required stimulus for increasing height.

A daily diet should contain fresh leafy greens and colored vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products, all in their proper proportions

9. Sunbathing

Another reason to hit the beach! Sunlight is the best source of natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential part of your overall growth and development. If not enough vitamin D in its natural form is consumed by your body, you are more likely to sustain the problems of weak bones and short height. You should try and spend at least 20-30 minutes in the sunlight daily. Preferably do this in the early morning hours or during the evening hours to minimally expose your body to the harmful UV rays of the sun, while simultaneously gaining Vitamin D.

10. Posture is the key

Try and make sure that you are constantly correcting your posture on a daily basis. A great posture helps in the correct development of your body, which directly affects your height. You need to make sure your head, your neck and your back are aligned. They should not bend or slouch. This way your spinal cord will straighten out which will help relax your muscles, thereby enhancing your height. A bad posture could pose a threat to your increasing height.

Nature has the answer to everything! Even your height. Yes! You can increase height before 18, and contrary to the popular belief, you can increase height after 21 as well. It can be done wither with the help of ancient methods, by yoga or by exercise. Yes, it can be done! 

Simple ways to detox your bedroom

Our bedrooms are our happy place, our safe havens! Investing time and energy to detox your bedroom is always a great idea! here is how!

Almost one-third of our lives are spent in our safe haven, our bedrooms. Today, we all work hard and look to retreat in our bedrooms, for some respite from the outside world and harsh realities. It is in our bedrooms that we revitalise not just our body, but our mind and peace as well. It is more of a mental sanctuary for us all.

The many benefits our bedroom provides to us, physically, mentally and spiritually, it is very important to take care of it. This safe zone, the safe haven needs a regular cleansing and detoxification from time to time. Why do you need to detox your bedroom, you ask?  Well, for multiple reasons. However, the most crucial reason out of all is to protect our mind, body and spirit from the toxicity of the outside world. The harmful toxins released in our environment, owing to technological advancements, from our beds, from wall pains, from the furniture, and the pollutants from the outside world, are all enemies for us, for our mental and physical well-being.

In order to protect yourselves from these harmful toxins, it is important to detox your bedroom. Your immune system is going to benefit the most when you detox your bedroom. Apart from this, other benefits include increasing your physical performance in day to day life, keeping up with cognitive abilities, being healthy and fit, and many more.

Researchers and environmentalists recommend to detox your bedroom. It is important to free your personal space of all kinds of allergens and other negative pollutants. These pollutants, if not dealt with will invade your personal space and cause you troubles in connection to your sleep. Worse? They are very capable of attacking your nervous system!

Our home represent us, define us. If we invest so much of our energy and time and even money to invest in our upkeep, why cannot we undertake the same efforts for our home, especially our bedroom?

Here are some very easy yet significant ways through which you can detox your bedroom:

  1. Invest in fresh air

For a healthy mind, body and spirit, it is very important that you keep the air in your bedroom clean and fresh. You wake up in the polluted air, you doze off in the polluted air. You seek solitude in the same. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep it clean and fresh.

You could start by investing in an air purifier. An efficient air purifier must have HEPA filters, capable of removing dust mites and other allergens. They can also filter out the smoke particles and other harmful substances in the air. Apart from this, you can also bring in some plants in your safe haven. Plants are efficient in removing the toxicity of the environment of your bedrooms, and also provide you with aesthetic benefits. They are the most affordable way of cleaning your bedroom atmosphere.

2. Let the sunshine in!

It is significant to let the sun rays in your room. Why? well, for starters they kill all the harmful bacteria and other pollutants in your room. The air from outside, every once in a while will help purify your space and keep it healthy. In fact, the heat from the sun, reaching your room is going to help you get rid of the risk of fungal infections and growth.

3. Try and control the use of technology in your bedroom.

Adding cellular devices and other forms of technology to your sacred space is capable of disrupting your sleep pattern. Many studies even suggest  that the radiations coming out of these devices can cause loss of sleep. People who expose themselves more to these radiations and devices are more likely to take longer to finally fall asleep. This results in lack of a deep night sleep, which can cause damage to your mental health. Therefore, it is important that you exclude cellular and other devices from your bedroom, to maintain your sanity.

4. Invest in bedroom slippers.

Studies conducted in the field of environmental science have concluded that shows tend to bring in toxics into our bedrooms. In fact, shoes are very capable of bringing in pesticides and other harmful toxins into our homes. Wearing these shoes in our bedrooms can expose us to not just dust and other toxins, but so many diseases and infections. You need to adopt a no-shoes in the bedroom rule ASAP!! If you can just not live without shoes or flip flops, invest in a simple pair of bedroom slippers. Ensure these slippers stay right in your bedroom. This is a sure shot way to detox your bedroom! 

5. Wash your linens with a natural detergent regularly

Why would you want to lie down in a dirty bed, full of dust? The is the key question for this point. Why would you want to do that to your health? To protect yourself, wash your bedsheets and your pillow covers on a weekly basis. Change then often. The bedding that is in direct contact with your skin should always be clean. Probably invest some time and make a weekly schedule for the same.

However, merely washing your bedding regularly is not enough. You should wash your linens with a natural detergent, since your body is in direct contact with them at all times. You can add a few drops of an essential oil with the solution while washing them. Wash them in hot water.

The pillow should also be washed each year. You’d be surprised to know your pillow is home to dead skin, dust and dust mites, and other toxic allergens. Wash them twice every year!

6. Get rid of negativity.

What many of you often forget while you detox your bedroom is that simply by cleaning the clutter and washing a couple of things is not going to do the deed for you. You need to detox your bedroom through other natural ways as well. Simple steps can be taken to rid negativity from your safe haven.

Try and not have arguments with your loved ones in your bedroom. Keep everything monetary out of the door! The room is meant for rest, sleep, and love, and nothing else. Disintegrate yourself from all kinds of negative ties you have held on to the whole day.

Keep calm and meditate. While you do it, burning some incense sticks and aroma oils helps rid the negative energies.

7. Fix your nightstand

Try and make sure that you are redoing your nightstand everyday. If not everyday, then at least once every two days. The clutter takes no time to accumulate over your nightstand, which is often a distraction for your sleep. A tidy room is always calm and serene, in comparison to a room which is always cluttered.

Your line of sight in your bedroom thus should be tidy at all times. Any clutter, dust, excessive papers and books, etc. close to your bed is detrimental to your good night sleep.

8. A room full of candles

For a healthy and deep slumber, it is important that you not only keep your room tidy, but also fresh. Normal candles might be a great addition to your bedroom and your nightstand, but they are mostly made out of low quality wax, petroleum by-products and sometimes even paraffin. These candles are capable of contributing the most to indoor pollution and toxicity. Thus, these must never enter your bedroom.

Since candles are essential to your bedroom space, you must invest in beeswax candles, or candles made out of soy. Keep an eye out for candles made out of beeswax and soy, 100per cent. These candles are not going to flood your bedroom with pollutants and other toxics. They will guard you from breathing in toxics, protect you from harmful chemicals that come out of burning regular candles, and keep your bedroom healthy. This is an important step to look forward to when you are thinking to detox your bedroom.

Seeking out natural ways to detox your bedroom is more important than artificial means. yes, cleaning and tidying your room helps. But doing it the natural ways and ridding your room of the toxics is a healthier and peaceful way to do the same. Happy living to you!

10 Incredible Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut oil is a super food in all senses! benefits of coconut oil for hair are immense, check them out!

A form of edible oil, the coconut oil is extracted from natural coconut. The matured coconuts are harvested to extract coconut oil from them. The oil can naturally provide multiple benefits to your over all health and body.

Losing weight, increasing your brain functionality, making your skin healthy and glowing, and protecting your health from diseases like Arthiritis, Alzheimer and even Blood Pressure, are some of the major. Coconut oil originates from the ancient land of India, where it has been in use for centuries. Today, the benefits of coconut oil are being discovered throughout the world. More and more people today are incorporating coconut oil for health benefits. Not many are aware, however, of the benefits coconut oil is capable of providing to your hair and scalp. Using coconut oil overnight can act as natural hair treatment for hair growth.

If you are still confused about how to use coconut oil for hair growth, keep reading for a great and an immense treasure of hair growth treatments. These natural hair treatments for hair growth are surely going to provide you with benefits like never seen before!

  1. Coconut oil promotes hair growth.

Coconut oil naturally promotes hair growth, and gives you healthy hair. Since ancient times, in India, coconut oil is used widely for this purpose. It is a sure-shot hair growth treatment there! Mixing other oils, herbs and healthy ingredients helps stimulate hair growth in a considerable manner. Coconut oil also gives you a healthy scalp. It is capable of providing natural ingredients to your hair to keep the roots of your hair healthy and strong.

You could start by directly applying coconut oil to your head or mix  it with other natural ingredients, for example gooseberries with coconut oil to increase natural hair growth. Applying this mixture of coconut oil overnight will provide your hair and scalp with natural nourishment and care it requires to grow further.

2. Get rid of dandruff the natural way!

Today, most of use use a multitude of hair products just to be sure that those white flakes do not embarrass us in various social and professional situations. Popular international brands claim to have solutions for this problems. They aim at reducing the issue from its roots, however, they are not kind to our hair health. Coconut oil is not like them. It will treat your hair with love and tenderness.

Simply mix a few drops of lemon juice to natural and organic coconut oil. Massage this mixture to your head and scalp. Massage is in a gentle manner and let it stay on you for about two to three hours before you shampoo your hair. Once you rinse your hair, you are going to see the difference!

3.  Natural Conditioner

Speaking of nourishment and tenderness, you probably are using tonnes of hair conditioning products only to see the same dull results. Well, give coconut oil a try this time. Massage some coconut oil to your hair and scalp at least two hours before you take your shower. Rinse it off with a good quality shampoo. Try not to apply anything else to you hair, and wait until they are naturally dry. You will see a start difference in the quality of your hair. Your hair is going to be super smooth, shiny, and healthy. Applying coconut oil overnight is even better for this purpose, especially when you have an important social/professional event.

Coconut oil has natural hair conditioning properties which make these results possible. Your hair will thank you for not treating them with the usual harsh chemicals and using something natural on them.

4. Cure to frizziness

There can be various times, when you are supposed to be looking at your best, but the natural frizz of your hair does not allow the same. Many products are marketed to control the frizz of your hair, however using them on a daily basis is damaging to your natural hair growth and strength.

As we said, coconut oil can provide moisture to your hair, acting as a natural conditioner. well, Coconut oil can also provide a solution to frizzy hair. Once the problem of dryness of your hair is solved, frizziness can be tackled with ease too. A tiny bit of coconut oil taken in the palm of your hand, and applied from your hair roots to tips can tame all of your frizzy hair problems. It can save you in a wonderful manner.

5. Lose those knots

How many of you are guilty of investing in innumerable hair detangling products and serums? I can probably virtually say, all!

I have been there too! You are not along. Detangled hair is the biggest hair issue we all face, especially ladies with curly hair. Detangled hair can become weak over a period of time. This can lead to the problems of split ends and hair loss. Here, in this case as well, the coconut oil health benefits cannot be denied!

Through coconut oil, you can help your hair have an improved texture. Coconut oil is very light and thus, can penetrate into your scalp. This makes it very easy for your hair to not just be moisturised, but also silky smooth without any knots. This is going to help reduce the damage your hair have sustained.

6. Damage reduction!

Speaking of damage! Yes, coconut oil is rich in nutrients and minerals that help you rid your hair of all kinds of damages your hair has been prone to in the past. Coconut oil improves the quality and texture of your hair. If you do have damaged, brittle and weak hair, try and incorporate coconut oil to your hair care regime. You will see a wonderful difference.

Our hair is exposed to all kinds of pollutants and toxins from the outside world, which can lead to hair damage. Coconut oil is going to act as a barrier for your hair against harsh polluting agents outside.

7. “Sunblock” for your hair

Have you ever googled how damaging the rays of the sun are for your hair? Most people do not realise how sun can lead to deterioration to your hair health. The UV Rays from the sun can make them dull, dry and brittle. The roots, moreover, can become weak over some time. The necessary nutrients and proteins of your hair can lost because of exposure to sun. This can also lead to them becoming prone to dandruff.

Coconut oil health benefits do not just end at it being used as a hair growth treatment. In fact, coconut oil protects your hair from the harmful sun exposure by retaining all the natural healthy parts of your hair in them! It is thus, a “sunscreen” for you hair.

8. Lice lice baby!

Children are more prone to lice. They can contract the problem at schools through their fellow classmates. Lice can lead to formation of excessive knots in your child’s hair. Not just this, they are also going to damage your child’s hair and rob them off of all natural hair strength and its nutrients.

Here, coconut oil again comes to the rescue. Without any side-effects and other harmful effects, coconut oil helps solve the issue of lice. By reducing the infestation of lice in your and your child’s hair, it can act as a natural hair treatment for hair growth. Moreover, coconut oil, by penetrating into the scalp can lead to the repulsion of lice as well as their eggs.

9. Cools your head off! Literally

Coconut oil can naturally cool your scalp through massaging. Massaging coconut oil to your head can relieve you of all worries and stress that have been bothering you.  People in areas, where the temperatures rise excessively, especially during summers, must definitely incorporate coconut oil to their hair care and stress relieving regime.

10.  Natural colouring effect!

Coconut oil is a widely popular method to colour your hair the natural way. The hair colours and the kits contain many harsh chemical which are dangerous for your hair health. Coconut oil, however, can act as a protective base to reduce the ill effects of hair colouring kits. The hair colour through this process is retained for long, not to forget the enhanced quality of your hair. Coconut oil can thus, provide your hair the colour you desire without having to compromise on its natural health.

Hope these Hair growth treatments are going to come in handy for you in the long run! Coconut oil health benefits can never end. It is one the best and tried and tested natural hair treatments for hair growth. If you have more to add, feel free to let us know! 

Expeditions in the dating world. 

Typical 21st century modern day, average people working their asses off to make a living for themselves. Devoid of feelings, We work hard, build up an empire only to stay there alone with our saddened lives pouring ourselves drinks to fill the voids. It makes me wonder where is all the love? Where is all the affection that has created multiple generations? That has created certain architectural monuments. The love which is the basis of some people’s entertainment as books and movies? Is love only in movies and books?

 I’ve grown up looking at people who fight, who scream, who cannot stand each other, but when it comes to it fight for each other. The people who can blanket you, take care of all your insecurities. Where is the love gone? In all of these situations, I have grown up craving love, typical love. In that search I wander from people to people to give me that “perfect” love, but was I looking in all the wrong place? Probably. probably not! Certain times I was sure of finding the perfect love, but does the love want me? I don’t think so.  

Today’s love can be defined in three adjectives- insecure, confused and unpredictable. If you are one of those who are in here to find love with their rose-tinted glasses, you, my friend, are in the wrong place. Or maybe that’s just me, everyone else around me seems to have figured out the world. Probably I am the slow one. Why is it so easy to sleep after jerking off rather than creating perfect relationships? Why is it difficult to actually make a connection with people with whom you  can actually sleep? Why is so difficult to talk about things that you hardly speak about? Isn’t sharing your innermost feelings with someone a positive thing? Why is it so difficult to be yourself in front of people? Why do we have to pretend? Why can’t we stick with the one we have found under rare circumstances? Why do we run away from them? Why and how can we go from “I love you’s” to “I think we need a break”? Is love dead? Probably.

 Are we really kidding ourselves, when we are look around for potential people to love, to spend our lives with, but when we actually find them, we can’t come to accept their flaws, to give them what they desire, to just love them beyond any explanations? Rarely it happens that we find people, fall in love with them and get married to them, as was the case with a cousin of mine. Lucky she is. Rest of us? We are stuck in the perpetual cycle of going back and forth from people to people. Why do we keep doing this? Why are we stuck in this vicious cycle of the dating world where people cannot come to terms with their own feelings? Are we broken because of past relationships? Perhaps, but how broken are we that we can’t give love another chance? Why do we dread coming close to people, why do we take a step back when we tend to develop feelings? Why isn’t it possible to make sure that it works this time with the people who are genuinely interested in you? Isn’t life too short to be this confused? Are we too cool to fall in love like our older generations?

 Who are we fooling when we say love is stupid? I don’t think it is. Love is not stupid, you are. Feelings do not mess up things, you do. Being emotional in this cruel world is actually a brave thing, to be very honest. The world where people have forgotten how to love and care and have taken a shelter under the faces of anger and violence, to have not lost your original self is by far the bravest thing. I have come to terms that love isn’t made for the “tinder” generation. People instead of investing their time and energy into one person want to invest only a “night” in the one. How many potential lovers have we lost after sleeping with them, I wonder! 

But in the end, all we can do is sit in the empire, alone, after all of our friends we enjoy our pseudo happy lives with are gone away into their empires, again Alone! Nobody to ask how was our day, nobody to give you a stupid medicine when you feel sick, nobody to watch those late night movies with and nobody to cuddle you to sleep with. This is how we want our lives to be? Working hard to earn a lavish lifestyle only to live and sleep alone in that. Most people say it is peaceful, solidarity they talk about. The most peaceful thing I can do it sleep in the arms of the one I love, everyday, for the rest of my life. Even though the world is a cruel place to live in, I know one day I will be back to ‘my home’. I have faith in all the powers of the universe ( Yes I am that stupid to still believe there are some powers) . Probably someday, he might come out of his confusion and stay. Actually stay, so I do not have to go on any other expedition.


The abyss in which you are stuck, why don’t you come out of it? Stuck between the parallels of time and anxiety, where are you headed to?  Stuck in the vicious circle, saying those sheer lies to yourself that you are fine, what good comes out of that circle?

Your train is calling you, calling for its last passengers to get on board. To reach new places, to move on from where you are stuck right now, to move on from all those people who hurt you, lied to you, cheated on you. betrayed you. Forgive them, even if they didn’t apologize. It’s hard, but once you do it your existence will be like a feather. Light and happy.